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Beiuş (Belenyesi in Hungarian, Binsch in German) is a municipality located in the eastern part of Bihor county, in Crişana region, Romania, in the depression with the same name, at the foot of the Apuseni Mountains. The city is located 20 km away from Ștei and 62 km away from Oradea, the county seat, from where it is accessible by train. The municipality is composed of the town itself and the village of Delani. At the 2002 census, the city had a total population of 10,996 in an area of 24.66 km.

In the depression bearing the same name, Beiuș is the largest city crossed by the river Crișul Repede. Beiuș is also one of the oldest cities in the county. It is located in southeastern Bihor county, 62 km away from Oradea, at the foot of the Apuseni Mountains, in Crișana region. Beiuș is situated on one of the main roads in the county, being crossed by the national road DN 76 that is part of the European road E 79.


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